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Crypto In Play News 2022 August First Week

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Crypto In Play News 2022 August First Week

The latest cryptocurrency news curated on a weekly basis.

Covered topics include regulation, user adoption, macroeconomy, and technology announcements.

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SEC going after crypto insider trading and fraud putting the crypto industry on notice for possible crackdown

  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is using pre-existing rules in traditional finance to police crypto market
  • The SEC uses the ‘Howie test’ criteria to designate cryptocurrencies as securities in order to regulate them:
    1. There is an investment of money
    2. There are Investors putting their money into a common enterprise that delivers success based on third party expertise
    3. There is an expectation of profit from the investment
    4. Investor success is based on a standalone 3rd party’s performance
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum have been classified as commodities and NOT securities by the SEC because no ‘executives’ are driving a company to make investments in BTC or ETH more profitable
  • 9 cryptocurrencies have been flagged by the SEC in its case against Coinbase employees who had used 25 cryptocurrencies for insider trading. They are: AMP, RLY, DDX, XYO, RGT, LCX, POWR, DFX, KROM
  • SEC may target ‘similar’ cryptocurrencies in the future but the actual criteria remains to be seen
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Multiple Massive hacks in crypto exposing user private keys and draining crypto wallets

U.S unemployment rate in July 3.5%

Coinbase selected by Blackrock to provide clients with access to crypto trading and custody

Instagram to add support for Flow blockchain-based NFTs

  • Instagram has added support for Flow-based NFTs as it expands its NFT initiative into more than 100 total countries.
  • Instagram’s NFT integration initiative allows collectors to showcase their verified Flow NFTs on their account. It is still in closed beta testing.
  • Flow was created by Dapper Labs is well-known for its NFT projects like NBA Top Shots that enable users to trade NFTs of videos of NBA game footage
  • NFT markets have yielded more than $20 billion in sales in 2022
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