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The Crypto Way of Making Money Through Ads

making money from ads via cryptocurrency

💡 "With any video you see online, like with YouTube, you gotta watch an ad, and that's gotta stop."

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What if I were to tell you… that you could be paid to watch ads that otherwise you would be forced to watch?Wouldn’t this make you want to watch the ad?

I am an avid Youtube watcher, spending almost half a day watching Youtube videos. If you are able to watch ANYTHING you wanted to for free, you relish such an opportunity.

In reality though Youtube is NOT free – you are required to watch ads that sometimes can be skipped after 5 seconds that can last a whole 1 MINUTE! (cough…Apple..cough…)yes, it may seem reasonable to argue that the ads are what pay for the videos you watch to be free, but is it really reasonable for media companies to impose something like this on their users? One thing is for sure.

The pain of being forced to watch and ad is still there.

Being forced to watch ads can make you very grumpy

Frankly speaking, if there was something that could ease the pain, such as a reward, this would make the people actually want to watch the ads. You would be interested to know that there IS such a service that PAYS its users to incentivize them to watch ads.

The Brave Browser and the Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The service is an internet browser called Brave which runs 3x as fast as Google Chrome. Users who use brave to serve the internet can earn cryptocurrency that they then can exchange for actual cash.

The concept is amazingly simple:

    1. Download the Brave browser on desktop
    2. Find and click on the 3 line hamburger menu icon on the top right of the browser below the ‘X’ button that will close your browser
    3. Find and select Brave Rewards in the dropdown menu
    4. Enable Ads by sliding the slider to the right
    5. Go into Ad Settings and select how many ads you would like to watch (YOU CAN DO THIS TOO???)
    6. Wait for ads to appear in the form of a clickable desktop popup at the lower right hand side of your screen
    7. Click on the ad popups when they appear
    8. and PRESTO! You earned money watching an ad!

There is nothing else you need to do aside from simply clicking on the ad…unless of course the loaded page contains something that DOES interest you – Double the fun!

So what about the BAT currency I mentioned above? Is this actual MONEY?

The answer is YES YES YES

BAT which stands for Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency that when traded can be exchanged for the USDs.

The Basic Attention Token Cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap

At one point, the developers of BAT saw that there was something very wrong about the traditional system of online advertising. In the old system, online users would have ALL of their data tracked by the likes of Facebook and Google which would then package the data and sell it to the highest bidder. The advertiser which bid the highest would possess the user data which would allow them to know when and how they could expose an ad to a user to entice them to buy more products online.

For example, if the user had in the past searched for a Honda Civic card online, he or she would later see a similar ad on another device they were using or in another website they were surfing and WITHOUT them knowing about this. This would create a messed up situation where there was no data privacy, and the user would be vulnerable to almost being mind-controlled into buying a product by the advertiser and the online platform.

What the BAT developers came up instead was a way to measure user attention in real-time based on the tabs of pages that the user had open at a given time. This data measured is then not sent to a central server but is used by the browser itself to evaluate which ads to show to the user. In the new system, when a content creator publishes content on the web via the browser, the advertiser bids a certain no. of BAT tokens to buy ad space on the creator’s content space.

The advertiser is able to get to a mutual agreement with the creator faster and the ads are more tailored to the user because of the available user browsing data collected by the Brave browser. The user has the choice to opt out of ads but can also click on ads and earn BAT each time they click on the ad popup. The BAT is coming directly from the advertiser aside from the amount allocated to the content creator. The reason why no centralized servers are required here is due to the cryptocurrency blockchain technology behind the BAT token which is linking all parties of digital advertising.

brave rewards console from the brave browser

So How Much Can You Earn Watching Ads?

Aside from a browser that protects your data and  allows you can download files and load pages 3x faster than other browsers, the million dollar question is, “How much can you earn from watching ads on the Brave browser?”

The amount is determined by 2 factors: 1) The no. of ad campaigns currently going on in your country and 2) the no. of ads you permit to appear with your browser. Assuming that you allow 10 ads/day (which is the max) to be shown, meaning 300 ads/day, this will allow you to earn around 1.8 BAT which currently comes out to be $1.52 USD.

Yes, the amount is not life-changing, but the undeniable fact is that this IS a way to earn FREE money on something that we all do several times a day anyways – surfing the internet.

The last thing is to remember is that the free money is earned in BAT tokens whose cryptocurrency price actually fluctuates. At its all-time-high, the BAT token’s price was 2 times its currency price which depending on the amount of BAT you just created out of thin air by watching ads on your browser could potentially be a larger amount.So there you have it!A way to earn free money by watching ads!In case you want to download the brave browser and start earning BAT from watching ads right away, please click on the link below

Download Brave Browser

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