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Hi my name is JK and I am the creator of Crypto in Play the blog.

Like many of you coming by my blog, I looked online to try to understand what crypto was and why it was important for me.

Researching a new technology (and any technology for that matter) is hard and crypto was no exception. There were these whitepapers, articles that penned by the inventors of blockchain and cryptocurrencies that described the purpose and workings of the technology, but from a lay men’s perspective, things were way too technical. There were also many articles and social media content that were focused on the prices of crypto, doing various analyses to somehow predict how high or how low the price would go. There were also no publications that helped me figure out why I personally had to be interested in doing something in the crypto world. Yes, Bitcoin’s price might go up by 5%. Cardano probably has some consensus mechanism that allows its blockchain maximum data security and decentralization. But where was the implications of such technology for you and I? How exactly did crypto or would crypto make a difference in our daily lives?

These were the questions that were left unanswered for me. They were why I decided to create this blog.

During my research, I came across so many different instances where crypto showed the potential to make our lives more convenient and pleasant. These implications are what I want to focus on in my blog. People, especially those who are reading about this new technology of crypto for the first time deserve to realize how crypto can be a force for good in their lives. So I hope you stay tuned to Crypto in Play, an online space where you can learn how the different things in the crypto universe can make a fascinating difference in your own life. On a final note, I just wanted to emphasize that the contents in this blog are meant for educational purposes only AND NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain are more than just investment alternatives to stocks, real estate or bonds. They are enduring technologies that will change our world for the better!


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